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Forget Ordinary,

"She Moves Hearts Through Story"


Backtrack to September 1998. I awoke one day to discover I was married to a stranger.  A car accident rendered my then-husband with a severe brain injury. After years of therapy, and support, he recouped many of his faculties. Yet his personality remained forever changed. This tragedy tore apart my young family.


With two young daughters to raise, and my oldest struggling with significant learning differences, I did the only thing I knew how to do… survive.


But was it enough to merely survive? Not for me. I wanted to heal. I wanted to thrive. I wanted to find happiness again. I wanted to transform.


From this I learned how to,


  • Find happiness amidst our chaos.

  • Shift our thinking about adversity to see it as a catalyst to a happier life.

  • Manage our emotions so they work FOR us, not against us.

  • Resolve our painful pasts so we can move on, achieve our dreams, find success, and be happy.

  • Transform our obstacles into successes.

  • Tragedy and adversity can be gateways to happiness. But first... we need to open that gate.


Now I share my story and its experiences to uplift audiences,

and offer hope.

Life, in all its generosity,

           has given me a few               to tell,

“Laurie, I don’t know if I have ever taken the time to tell you how much you have had a positive influence on my life… When you took the time to smile and be nice to me, I always felt good enough around you, and that is not a feeling I had around many people.” - Connie Gillespie

Laurie Crookell addresses learning differences with her approach, "A Happier Approach to Learning Differences".

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