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Hello, I'm Laurie...

And I turn words into art,

Imagination, a doggy sidekick, and a motely crew of crayons.
Laurie's world of antholgies, articles, a love for children's literature, and a few untold life stories is bespeckled further only with a whimsical obsession for cookies and Seussical.


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Creative. Concise. Clear Writing.


Your book, your e-novel, your blog, your article, your project. Whether it's the written illustration of a girl and her loose pet frogs, articles or blogs pedestalling adorable animals, or a little coaching for your e-book on how to run upsidedown... I have the skills and the services that you need.
If you needed copywrite for a zebra-racing business, I would still be your gal.

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Co-Author in 5 Anthrologies:

  • International Best Seller in 6 categories,

  • #1 Best Seller in 2:

  • International Best Seller in 2 categories,

  • #9 in Women and Business:

  • International Best Seller

  • International Best Seller in 4 categories

  • International Best Seller in 5 categories,

  • #1 Hot New Release in Women & Business,

  • #1 Hot New Release in Happiness,

  • #3 in Business & Money,

  • #5 in Success,

  • #7 in Health, Fitness and Dieting:

Is it enough to merely survive? Not for me. I wanted to heal. I wanted to thrive. I wanted to find happiness again. I wanted to transform.

Now I share my story and its experiences to uplift audiences,and offer hope;
I offer advice to find happiness amidst chaos, shift our thinking about adversity, manage your emotions, resolve our pan, move forward, achieve our dreams, and transform obstacles into success.


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"She Moves Hearts Through Story"





Copywriting - Website, Editing, Blog, E-Zine, E-Book, Research Articles for Business, Educators and Not-for-Profit



Blog Copywriting, Editing, Guest Blogging for Business, Educators and Not-for-Profit



E-Zine Copywriting, Editing, Guest Contribution, Research Articles for Business, Educators and Not-for-Profit



E-Book Copywriting, Editing, E-Book Project Consulting for Business, Educators and Not-for-Profit



Contact me to discuss your project and let's get writing!

© 2015 Laurie Crookell, Author, Writer and Speaker - Forget Ordinary, Be Extraordinary

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